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European Space Agency

A project is evolving as a concept for an intermedia concert event, in celebration of ESA's EUCLID Space Mission which launches in 2022, on a quest to discover the dark universe.  

EUCLID Project Manager, Giuseppe Racca fell in love with a series of pieces that Richard composed, called THE BEAUTY OF SCIENCE, and what follows is future history: 


Originally intended as a concert set for voices and strings, THE BEAUTY OF SCIENCE was composed using extracts of the original Latin text from Sir Isaac Newton's book of scientific law - 'Principia’, which was published by the Royal Society in 1687.  Newton's work marked the epoch of a ground breaking revolution in science.


'Principia' is undoubtedly one of the most important science books ever written. It laid down the foundation of classical mechanics, observations of the very workings of the universe, the movement of the planets around the sun, and the means by which the moon revolving around the earth causes the tides to ebb and flow. 


Sung in Latin, THE BEAUTY OF SCIENCE explores the ethereal beauty and exquisite workings of nature, each piece based on one of Newton's principles. For example ‘Axiomata’ depicts the laws of motion, 'Regulæ Philosophandi', the rules of nature and 'Phænomenon', observations of terrestrial bodies.


With input from Giuseppe, a seed was sewn for an ambitious craetive project in collaboration with ESA, embracing additional fundamental scientific law engaged in the EUCLID mission. 


An initial conversation with ESA about the premise for some sort of artistic project, was had in 2019 and in early 2020, work began when Benedict Redgrove ( started to film the construction of the beautiful Korsch telescope at Airbus in Toulouse, before the optical mechanism was housed inside the space vehicle.

This then led to a wonderful meeting of minds and a creative collaboration with renowned intermedia artist - Karina Smigla-Bobinski ( who also agreed to accompany Richard on the adventure.

In response to the project, Lucas Vieira, Brazilian physicist undertaking a PhD in "Space & Time" at the Austrian Academy of Science in Vienna and Marcus Mäder from the Technical University of Munich with scientific background in the field of acoustics, both came onboard.


A request from Karina was accepted by the renowned Chinese choreographer / dancer 李可华 Kehua Li or 'Lico' based in Beiijing ( see: KH藝術隨想 ) to join the team and add a further creative discipline.


The result will be a series of live multi-media performances in celebration of the EUCLID mission launch in 2022 ... a billion-dollar project to put the best ever telescope into orbit, a million miles from the earth.

The EUCLID mission takes its name from the ancient 300 B.C. Greek mathematician and father of Geometry - Euclid.  ESA Project Scientist René Laureijs is heading a team that is attempting to define the geometry of space, in a search for the mysterious 'dark matter and dark energy', estimated to constitute 95% of the universe.


The EUCLID celebrations will culminate in a series of live multi-media concert performances of Richard's music, accompanied by Karina's multi-media installation - working title: THE BEAUTY OF SCIENCE.


A short trailer of excerpts from the original composition 'The Beauty of Science' >

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Richard has also initiated a series of short diary films accompanied by music sketches, which will follow the progress of the Euclid project. The first extracts were shot earlier in 2020, whilst shooting on location at ESA's Airbus Space and Defense Base in Toulouse. Click here: 



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