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TEMPESTA was shot in Venice and stars Malcolm McDowell, Scot Williams, Natalia Verbeke & Rutger Hauer - the thriller, takes its name from the painting by Giorgione & set in the world of art forgery - with stunning cinematography by Peter Greenaway's Reinier van Brummelen. The choral work was performed by Wells Cathedral Choir.

A  G O O D  W O M A N

Set in the 1930's on the beautiful Italian shores of the Amalfi coast, the production stars Scarlett Johansson, Helen Hunt & Tom Wilkinson, in an elegant, witty, romantic comedy based on Oscar Wilde's "Lady Windermere's Fan"

G R A N D  
T H E F T  P A R S O N S

Starring Johnny Knoxville, Christina Applegate and Marley Shelton, the movie is based on the true but bizarre events that followed the death in the early 1970's of Country Rock singer Gram Parsons. Two men, a hearse, a dead rock star, five gallons of petrol, and the most extraordinary chase of modern times.

T O  K I L L   A   K I N G 

The movie opens the morning after a great battle and tells of events at the end of the English Civil War with Tim Roth as Oliver Cromwell, Dougray Scott as General Thomas Fairfax and a cast including Olivia Williams, & Rupert Everett. 

M O B Y   D I C K

This recent epic version of the whale tale starred Ethan Hawke, William Hurt, Gillian Anderson, Donald Sutherland, Billy Boyd and Charlie Cox. A folk song from around the17th century called ‘Lowlands’ was used as one of the main orchestral themes and the simple arrangement used in this promo, was used in the closing scenes. The song tells prophetically of a woman dreaming about her husband who has gone to sea. She sees him lying dead at the bottom of the ocean, surrounded by "green weed" and so decides to "cut off her bonnie hair" as "no other man will think her fair"

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